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November 21st, 2014

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All monthly meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in insects, please join us!
Members may bring exhibits for show-and-tell. If you have photos, video, or other media to share, please email the society.

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SPEAKER: Phil Armstrong

TITLE: The Diversity of Mosquito-borne Viruses in Connecticut

Now that the mosquitoes are done buzzing around our heads for the season, Phil Armstrong of the Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station will tell us about the dangers lurking in those little blood-suckers.

“Research focuses on the molecular evolution and epidemiology of mosquito-borne viruses transmitted in New England, including eastern equine encephalitis, Jamestown Canyon, and West Nile virus.  Genetic relationships of these viruses are compared to track the origin, spread, and long-term persistence of strains involved in disease outbreaks and to identify variants associated with different ecological niches and/or disease outcomes. Other projects evaluate the role of different mosquito species to serve as vectors of arboviruses by determining their host-feeding and virus-infection patterns in nature. In addition, our group develops and evaluates diagnostic assays to rapidly detect new and established arboviruses transmitted in the U.S.”


  • 6:30pm, catered


  • 7:30pm, Yale University
  • Kline Geology Auditorium, 210 Whitney Ave (next to the Peabody) (Map)


Phil Armstrong’s page at CAES




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