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February 20th, 2015

All monthly meetings are open to the public. If you are interested in insects, please join us!
Members may bring exhibits for show-and-tell. If you have photos, video, or other media to share, please email the society.

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SPEAKER: Geoffrey Attardo

TITLE: “Got Milk? Live birth, lactation and the unique reproductive biology of tsetse flies.”

ABSTRACT: “Tsetse flies (Family: Glossinidae) function as the sole vectors of African Sleeping Sickness (African trypanosomiasis) throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Besides their role as vectors of human and animal disease, tsetse flies have an amazing array of adaptations which distinguish them from other disease vectors and indeed most insects in general. This talk will cover one of the most amazing of those adaptations which is tsetse’s reproductive biology. Tsetse flies give birth to live fully developed larvae. These larvae are developed individually and are provided nutrients during their development within the uterus of the mother. The intrauterine larvae are fed milk like secretions which come from a specialized gland in the mother. We will explore the biology behind this amazing process and learn about some of the recent discoveries illuminated by the entry of tsetse flies into the era of genomics and molecular biology.”


  • 6:00pm, catered

Peabody tour

  • 6:45, led by Larry Gall


  • 7:30pm, Yale University
  • Kline Geology Auditorium

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