Oct 212014

It’s time to vote in our yearly calendar photo contest!


voting_2014 copy

You can choose up to 12 favorites. Please only vote once, but you can encourage your family and friends to participate.

Voting will close October 24th – this is a quick voting period to ensure we can put the calendar together and have it ordered/delivered in time for the November meeting.

Apr 212014

I am pleased to announce the winners of our student talks, which were held this past Friday at UConn. The meeting was well attended by members, guests, and even a few walk-in students from UConn. It was wonderful to see so much support for our students! I am grateful for everyone who helped organize and judge the event.

The judges were myself, Marta Wells, and Goudarz Molaei. We scored the presenters on their delivery, organization, research content, knowledge, and timing. We were impressed by the quality of the presentations and the students’ abilities to answer tough questions. All of the scores were very close, which is why I was pleased to offer prizes for all participants. Prizes included BioQuip gift cards, a CT EntSoc calendar, and a freshly made insect killing jar.

You can see the talk titles here

10 minute talks
1st: Melissa Bernardo
2nd: Raymond Simpson
3rd: Cera Fisher
runner up: Benedict Gagliardi

5 minute talks
1st: Joseph Desisto
2nd: Robert Clark
3rd: Emily Johnson
runner up: Kassie Urban-Mead

It was wonderful to get updated on projects I have not heard about in a while, and also to hear about new and exciting research happening in entomology labs in the state. I am confident that next year we will continue this trajectory and have another group of thoughtful and entertaining student talks.

Sep 242013

I wanted to say a big

thank you

to everyone who came to our first meeting of the 2013-2014 year. It appeared to be one of our largest meetings of the last few years, with over 30 people in attendance. Mike Thomas (vice-president), Laura Saucier (secretary), and Mike Montgomery (treasurer), as well as several other motivated members, helped to organize the meeting and start things off with a bang. The highlight of the night was Dr. John Cooley’s captivating talk about periodical cicadas.

I would like to remind members of a few things:

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Thank you!
Brigette Zacharczenko, President