Sep 082016

The Connecticut Audubon Society, Center at Pomfret,  is looking for volunteers.


Citizen Science Volunteer Monitoring Program Fall 2016  

River Bio-assessment for Volunteers
Training Dates: (pick one)
Friday, September 9th, 9:00 a.m.-noon.
Saturday, September 10th, 9:00 a.m.-noon.

Did you know that aquatic insects are indicators of the health of streams?  Dragonflies and damselflies are among the many insects that spend most of their lives in water. Eggs are laid in streams where the tiny nymphs spend weeks to months eating and growing before transforming to their adult, flying stage. Come dressed for stream exploration; we’ll provide waders and nets and teach you how to net and identify aquatic insects. Our stream water quality data is shared with the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, as well as, local conservation groups. Visit the DEEP website to view data from past years.

Training fee: $7 CAS members; $15 non-members.

Register with Paula Coughlin at or by calling 860-928-4948.

Please call to register for one training session. Optional field work: Friday/Saturday mornings in September or October.

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