2015-2016 Schedule

2015-2016 Schedule
Date Speaker Title Location
September 18 Tim Farkas Evolutionary ecology of Timema cristinae walking sticks: From communities to genomes and back again University of Connecticut
October 16 Members Night Member Slideshows Wesleyan University
November 20 Cera Fisher Gene expression development and the origin of the treehopper "helmet" University of Connecticut
January 22 Dr. Erin Saupe The Biogeography and Evolution of Spiders Yale University
February 19 Student Symposium 10 minute talks and 5 minute talks University of Connecticut
March 25 Dr. Steven Burian EPT (Mayflies Stoneflies Caddisflies) Taxonomy Workshop For Biomonitoring and Aquatic Biodiversity Surveys Yale University
April 15 Glenn Morrell Chasing Lepidoptera in Western North America from the Arctic to Arizona Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station (CAES)
May 21 Annual Banquet Laura Saucier: Updates on the Puritan Tiger Beetle and State Endangered Species List Sessions Woods WMA and Conservation Education Center