2013-2014 Photo Contest Winners


Here are the winners of the 2013-2014
“Our Favorite Connecticut Invertebrates” photo contest.

The winner: Mike Thomas. Common Wood Nymph (Cercyonis pegala) caught in spider web.  12 July 2012, Cromwell, CT.

01_front_cover copy28_back_cover copyOther winners, clockwise, starting in upper left corner:

  • Stan Malcolm. Synchlora aerata, on Joe-Pye-weed. 17 August 2013, Cranberry Bog, East Hampton, CT.
  • Raymond Simpson. Black & Yellow Argiope – Yale Outdoor Facility near Lyme, CT 8/31/13.
  • Mike Singer. Papilio glaucus caterpillar, on Prunus serotina (black cherry) sapling; 1 July 2013, Miller’s Pond State Park, Middlesex Co. CT.
  • Ben North. Squirrel botfly (Cuterebra emasculator) that I took a picture of this summer in my backyard in CT.
  • Mike Montgomery. Syrphid fly on wood aster, 14 October 2013, Hamden, CT.
  • Geoff Attardo. Dragonfly, Hamden, CT. 21 July 2013.
  • Dinah Wells. Periodical cicadas, North Guilford, June 17, 2013.
  • Brigette Zacharczenko. Acronicta afflicta caterpillar, reared from a wild caught adult. Storrs, CT. Summer 2013.
  • Benedict Gagliardi. Publilia concava hoppers, tended by ants. CT: Tolland Co., Storrs, Merrow Meadow Park, 41°49’19.64″N,  72°18’47.10″W, 2 September, 2013.
  • Gwen Antell. Monarch, Danaus plexippus, at the Marsh Botanic Garden in New Haven on August 28, 2012.
  • Mike Thomas. Puritan Tiger Beetles (Cicindela puritana) in cop.  1 August 2011, beach along Connecticut River, Portland, CT.
  • Stan Malcolm. Dogbane Beetle Chrysochus auratus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae).  17 August 2013. Meadow near the Blackledge River bridge on the Air Line Trail.  Colchester, CT.